Exciting Economic Development

City_of_Northfield_Logo.jpgSometimes I reveal myself to be a nerd. It’s often getting a bit too excited about something that strikes most people as a big yawn that is the tip-off. I think this may be one of those situations.

However, I am personally thrilled and will publicly celebrate a recent accomplishment by the Northfield Economic Development Authority. The City of Northfield is now promoting local business development opportunities 24/7.

Back in January, when the NDDC/EDA-initiated and Chamber/NEC-supported public summit on in-fill and redevelopment was held at the Grand Event Center, one of the most-mentioned suggestions was using the world-wide web to market available sites in Northfield. It was later one of the priorities in the matrix of action steps developed by the NDDC, supported by the EDA, and accepted by the City Council.

There were, of course, a few technical challenges and resource requirements along the way, however, late last month, the first properties were posted. You can now find them on the city’s website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The City’s new Economic Development Director, Jody Gunderson, coordinated the effort. Jody has outlined additional features for the future of this electronic marketing tool, however, the “beta version” is a great first step forward.

Well done, Jody. Well done, EDA. Well done, Northfield.