Annual Training Regime in Full Swing

Training4DoughnutsAs some of you may be aware, I take Crazy Daze very seriously.  In particular, I strive to be ready for the Alaskan Doughnuts offered by Quality Bakery.

This year is no different.  As you can see, I’m steadily building my capacity.

There’s more than doughnuts to Crazy Daze, however.  There are sidewalk sales, retail bargains and food specials…including the Alaskan Doughnuts.

There’s lots of exciting entertainment too.  This year’s events include costume contesting, skateboard demonstrating, seed spitting, paper throwing, hula hooping, waiter racing and pet adopting.  For more information, see the Crazy Daze Poster.

So join the fun and check out Crazy Daze.  It’s this Thursday, July 23rd, starting at 7 a.m. in Downtown Northfield.

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