Creative Gift Ideas from April Ripka

DowntownNorthfieldTheSketchyArtistThe Sketchy Artist is a relatively new store in town.  Owner April Ripka is already deeply involved with the local art scene and is a source of and in search of good ideas to strengthen Northfield’s arts community.

I popped in to ask her for gift ideas.  She had quite a few that wouldn’t have initially come to my mind but seem to offer much potential for certain people on my list.

April started with the Buddha Board.  She described it as kind of a cross between a Zen Garden and an Etch-a-Sketch.  April recommends it as a kind of “art therapy” to calm the mind and spirit.

She was also enthusiastic about the Replay Notebooks.  Created by a regional artist, they are refillable pads bound in classic album covers.  I was really digging the Basement Tapes version.

For something a bit more practical but not at all prosaic, the Envirosax has been very popular for quite some time.  It closes to something about the size of  wallet and opens to a rather large shopping bag.  Seems pretty sturdy too.

DowntownNorthfieldAprilAtSketchyArtistApril was clearly fond of the LAMY pen and I guess if I were more style-aware I would have been familiar with these exceptional fountain pens.  For the person on your list who would appreciate a high quality writing implement, these are THE gift.

Finally, there were the “stocking stuffers”.  She suggested a photo ball, cutsy kittens…and my favorite, minature fake food products that are erasers.

So for that person on your list with creative tendencies…stop in to The Sketchy Artist and be inspired by April.