Sporting Gift Ideas from Bill Brodin

DowntownNorthfieldChampionSportsBeLocalBuyLocalJust as the snow was beginning to fall this morning, I stopped in at Champion Sports to get some gift ideas from Bill Brodin.  He had some great suggestions for what will apparently be a White Christmas.

Bill’s first recommendation was ice skates.  This Minnesota classic looks to be quite popular this year; in the brief time I was visiting the shop, three people dropped in to get their family’s skates sharpened.

He said that Northfield Raider apparel is always popular, and Champion Sports carries a wide selection of items.  As far as clothing goes, Bill also said that Under Armour, particularly their Cold Gear, is doing really well this year.

DowntownNorthfieldChampionSportsBillBrodinFinally, there’s my favorite.  It’s called the YAKTRAX.  As shown in the photo, it’s a light-weight, fits-all, strap-on device for better traction on slippery surfaces.

I’d suggest that you head on down to Champion Sports, in the very near future, and get yourself a pair of these marvelous inventions.  After today’s snowfall, I think they’ll be going fast.