Ugly Gift Ideas from Diane Sinclair

DowntownNorthfieldSistersUglyNot really ugly.  Someday I’ll remember to ask Diane Sinclair (or her daughter and co-owner Jen…or maybe Jen’s sister Steph) about the store’s name: “Sisters Ugly“.  Maybe it’s a reference and/or joke that everybody in Northfield but me understands.

At any rate, I stopped in on Friday to visit with Diane and get some gift ideas.  Oh, and by the way, while I was there, Super-Famous Northfield Musician Meredith Fierke showed up to look at some sweaters.  If only I owned a copy of the Cities 97 volume 21 (which features Meredith’s “Train’s Song”), I could have asked for her autograph.

Diane had a number of gift ideas, ranging from the very affordable to the more luxurious.

SistersUglyDianeSinclairShe started with jewelry, specifically “initial necklaces”, which they carry in both regular and sterling silver.  Diane also recommended the Avant Garde jewelry (there’s a variety of pieces) that has a pewter base.  She noted that the message bracelets and matching key-chains have been very popular as of late.

Diane suggested an elegant but practical gift is a wallet.  She pointed out that they fit nicely into a stocking.

Finally,  she offered the cashmere sweaters.  The shop has a fine selection of these classic and comfortable items of quality clothing.

So, stop in Sisters Ugly for some anything-but-ugly gift ideas.  And maybe remember to ask about the name for me.