NDDC Board Visits Monster Games

NDDC Board President Keith Covey and Vice President Joe Grundhoefer paid a visit to, let’s face it, maybe the coolest business in all of Northfield…Monster Games.  Company founder Richard Garcia generously shared some of his internationally-allocated time to tell us how much he likes downtown Northfield.

Garcia chose to locate his business in Northfield.  He promised his wife that they would be within 50 miles of St. Paul and he literally visited the communities in that defined radius.  Garcia said within minutes after arriving in downtown Northfield he had made his decision.

Monster Games has been in Northfield since 1996.  It employs 21 people, including 4 Carleton College alums, and has had a summer intern from Northfield High School for 4 years in a row.  Garcia noted that you could literally set up his company any place in the world and his customers are, in fact, all over the world.

The key to the company’s success is attracting talent, both artistic talent and technical talent.  Garcia offered that Northfield helps him attract talent: the coffee houses, restaurants and unique shops are of a great appeal, and the ability to walk around a historic downtown with a scenic river is a powerful amenity.  He mentioned that when his employees being to contemplate starting a family, they appreciate the cultural offerings that are enhanced by the presence of the two elite colleges, the quality of the public schools, and the safe neighborhoods within an hour’s drive of the Twin Cities.

Finally, Garcia offered that his customers from Japan love visiting Northfield.  They think it’s the Wild West.


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