Tips for Frolicking Locally

The NDDC’s brilliantly creative Events & Marketing Committee has ambitious, might I even suggest, artistic aims for the “Be Local” campaign in 2010.  For February, known for Presidents’ Day, at least recently, Snow Days, but most vigorously, Valentine’s Day, they coined “Be Local…Frolic Local“.

Fortunately for some of us, “frolic” could include a number of possibilities, such as “reveling”, “romping”,  “gamboling” and, my favorite, “to caper”.  After considering “playing boisterously”, “behaving uninhibitedly”, and “engaging in merrymaking”, I decided to set my goal on a “light-hearted activity”.

I happened to be meeting with Jessica Prill of Oolala on another matter yesterday.  Without any introduction, I inquired about her suggestions for a local frolic with my valentine.

Jessica didn’t miss a beat.  She said that it’s all about how your gift makes your valentine feel.  Perhaps you want your sweetheart to feel pampered, she suggested.

She pointed out a line of products for pampering.  They included bubble bath, body wash, body lotion and perfume that come in such varieties as Kimono Rose, Amber Sweet Orange, and Moon Flower.  Jessica noted that the sense of smell can play a key role in a successful Valentine’s frolic.

She also advised that a gift that inspires compliments from others is a good one.  Jessica suggested that a bit of sparkle can catch the eye and lead to a compliment.  Oolala carries a wide selection of artisan-created jewelry, largely local and mostly Minnesotan, that provide that inspiring sparkle.

Hey, I may be a slow-starter but I’m also a fast-learner.  Pampering your sweetie and inspiring compliments, I can take it from there.

For pampering, I thought of what used to be called “beauty shops” downtown, such as Buzz Salon, Cuts on the Cannon, Family Hair, Great Clips, Mane Effects Salon, Nita’s Hair Plus, Salon Synergy, and Studio 300 Salon.

For inspiring complements, I thought of jewelry, such as Glass Garden, Jenkins Jeweler and Sisters Ugly.  There’s also clothing, for example Anna’s Closet, Fashion Fair, or the Rare Pair.

But maybe I’m getting a little too conceptual for some of you on a tight timeline.  Check out my post from last year; I focused on more traditional gifts such as dining out, gifts and cards.  Or remember  sweets for your sweetie, and the Cocoa Bean and Quality Bakery.

Whatever you decide, have a great frolic…in Downtown Northfield!

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  1. Moments after I posted this piece, I received an “anonymous” suggestion that for the more daring valentines, The Sketchy Artist is ready to provide logistical support for The Full Frolic.

    However, I will note that if you’re going this route, you’ve got to come up with that ’80s power ballad.

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