Mark Henke Warmly Welcomed Back

Downtown stakeholder welcomed Northfield Hospital Administrator Mark Henke back to town at the May NDDC Forum.  His sense of humor, intelligence, and honesty were greatly appreciated by the audience.

Mark was returning to Northfield.  He was born in Rochester, Minnesota, graduated from St. Olaf College, and worked as a lab technician at the Mayo Clinic before entering the management side as the V. P. of Human Resources for Mayo’s start-up operations in Jacksonville, Florida.

Mayo’s Jacksonville operations grew rapidly during Mark’s tenure, going from 35 doctors and 150 staff people to 115 doctors and 850 staff people.  He was with the Mayo system for 22 years before becoming the hospital administrator for Sanford Hospital Luverne in Luverne, Minnesota.

Mark discussed the Hospital’s business model with the attendees.  The market is currently defined as the area within a two-hour drive.  With Mayo getting into the clinic business he noted, the South Metro has become a new market.

He said that the Hospital has an excellent reputation for surgery and recognized strength in cardiology.  With the addition of Mayo’s Oncology Center, health care will be a strong driver for the local economy.  Mark noted that Northfielders will also benefit from the availability of new services in the town.

Mark said that community’s many assets, such as the schools, the culture, the natural beauty, and the vibrant downtown, help the Hospital attract talent.  He cited several examples of top-notch professionals moving to Northfield for the quality of life.

The sense of place and quality of life are reflected in the Northfield Hospital.  Mark encouraged everyone to just stop in and look around the facility.  He believes that citizens should be proud of their top-notch Hospital.