New Addition to Downtown’s “Gallery” of Great Signs

Mandarin Garden’s new sign arrived last week.   I think it’s a beautiful addition to our historic, scenic, and authentic downtown.

It had been planned for installation during the 4th Street reconstruction project.   Although the road work was completed back in July (just in time for Crazy Daze), there’s still some decorative sidewalk work to finish and the replacement trees have not yet been planted.

This latest addition to downtown Northfield’s impressive collection of signs contributes to the high standard of quality that we are fortunate to experience in our community.  In my opinion, many of the signs in downtown go beyond mere information sharing and are, admittedly utilitarian, pieces of art.

With the road work completed, getting to the restaurant is now much easier.   So be sure to come on down(town), admire the new sign, and get some great food at the Mandarin Garden.