Volunteers Will Be Needed for Clean-up

As of noon today, police, fire, and guard workers on the scene of the flooding were hopeful that the worst was past us.  However, they would not rule out a second cresting.  The disaster response team remains on alert.

Eventually, the water level will drop and the river will return to its more familiar, and friendly, condition.  It will then be safe to begin the big job of cleaning up.

Volunteers will be needed, and greatly appreciated; clean-up may take two to four weeks.  “Northfield-Dot-Org”, or Northfield Community On-line, in cooperation with the Emergency Disaster Command Center, has set up a special page for coordinating people interested in volunteering.

You can find it (and volunteer) at: http://northfield.org/flood

One thought on “Volunteers Will Be Needed for Clean-up

  1. 2:00 p.m. update:

    Clean-up Volunteers Needed on Bridge Square – Today!
    The City is going to begin removing the unused sand bags that were placed to protect buildings. They need 20 people to facilitate the removal.

    If you can volunteer some time to this, please report to Officer Sheena Basness at the NPD Police Command van on Bridge Square as soon as you can, fill out a volunteer form and then be assigned to designated areas. Work is getting underway at 1:30 p.m. and will likely last through the afternoon. Wear work gloves and work clothes.

    Volunteers are asked to report to the Van first, before trying to join the clean up effort. The general public is asked NOT to visit the flood area unless you intend to lend a hand with the clean up effort.

    If you have questions about today’s cleanup, call NPD Command Center at 507-321-0061.

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