Wednesday Night, Yes, Wednesday Night…in Downtown Northfield

I generally share what’s happening (in terms of art and culture ) downtown in a “Weekend Update”.  However, this week there’s a lot of buzz about a group playing on a Wednesday night, (yes, Wednesday night) in downtown Northfield.

It may be related to Swedish oppression of the Danes (something about setting a Dog King on their throne?), or it may be related to the emergence of the Danish culture out of the long shadows of the Norwegian culture locally (let’s face it, there ain’t no St. Canute College in town), or it may be that it’s just a really hot band.

You better come on down(town) and decide for yourself.

All the way from Copenhagen (that’s in Denmark), it’s Krauka, September 22nd, 8 to 10 p.m., at the Contented Cow.  They claim to play the music of the New Vikings (could they help Brett Favre connect with his receivers?) but the local experts suggest Nordic folk-rock, which sounds cool enough to me.

So come on down(town) and grab some dinner and maybe a drink at any one of our over two dozen dining options and then head to The Cow to catch Krauka.