The Bee is Back!

That’s the Adult Spelling Bee.

You’d better at least be able to spell the word “c-e-n-t-e-n-n-i-a-l”.  That word may come up at the 4th Northfield Adult Spelling Bee, which will be held at 7 p.m., Thursday, October 7th, at the Grand Event Center.  The Bee is part of the Carnegie’s Centennial Celebration.

Oh, but there’s more…to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Northfield’s Carnegie library, the entry fee for teams will be only $100.  As of Monday afternoon, there were still one or two slots left for additional teams.   (The NDDC will be fielding a team again this year.)

How does the Spelling Bee work?  Teams of three people compete with other teams for the title of Best Spellers in Northfield.  Each team works collaboratively as the words get progressively more difficult.  Teams are eliminated when they misspell a word.  As in previous bees, members of the audience will get a chance to correctly spell words that teams miss and win a prize.  Generally, the spelling comes second to fun.

Proceeds from this year’s bee will go toward purchasing up-to-date books, DVDs, new media and technology for the library.  The bee is hosted by the Friends of the Northfield Public Library with additional co-sponsorship from the Grand Event Center, Neuger Communications Group, Carleton College, and Just Food Co-op.

So come on down(town), maybe grab a little dinner, and head over the the Grand.  It’ll be a lot of fun but you can call it an educational experience.