Downtown Parking Conversation: Draft Report, Panel Discussion, Council Work Session

The NDDC’s Council-initiated, Staff-supported, Downtown Parking Conversation is coming up to milestones, roadside attractions, and destinations on the road to parking enhancement for Northfield.  Supporters of a vibrant and vital downtown will want to explore these places of interest.

The draft report on the Downtown Parking Conversation is available for your review.  You can find it at Parking Management for Downtown Northfield.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

There will be a video conference panel discussion about parking in downtown Northfield this Monday afternoon.  Representatives of the stakeholder groups will share experiences and ideas.  For more information, go to Parking Management for Downtown Northfield.

Finally, the final report on the Downtown Parking Conversation will go to the City Council on Tuesday, May 14th at their work session.  More information on your local government is available at the City of Northfield’s website.  Your City Councilors are interested in your thoughts about parking in downtown Northfield.