NDDC-Chamber Merger…What Do You Think?

BridgeSquareBandAtTasteOfNorthfield2014You have probably heard by now that the NDDC (Northfield Downtown Development Corporation) and the Northfield Area Chamber of Commerce are exploring a merger of the two organizations.  The CVB (Convention and Visitors Bureau), which is managed by the Chamber through a contract with the City of Northfield, is also part of envisioned combination.  A task force representing the boards of the NDDC, Chamber, and CVB has begun discussing the challenges and opportunities of bringing the organizations together.

Of course, the NDDC would not be possible without you.  Since 2000, we have been working together for a vibrant and vital downtown Northfield.  As we often say, “Great downtowns don’t just happen”.  You have been a critical part of our success; you will be an essential part of our future; we want to hear from you, and include your input in the on-going process.

On Tuesday, June 10th, at 8:00 a.m., in the Riverview Conference Room of the historic Archer House River Inn, at 212 Division Street, the NDDC will be holding a Downtown Forum.  We’ll discuss the reasoning that led to this pursuit, the challenges and opportunities that have been identified, our visions of future downtown and Northfield vitality, and ask you for your perspective.  If this topic is of interest to you, please join us for the discussion.

The NDDC Downtown Forum is open to everyone.  Cookies and coffee will be served.  The NDDC is a non-partisan, non-profit community organization dedicated to the vitality of downtown Northfield.  For more information, contact Executive Director Ross Currier at 507-663-0319 or rcurrier@nddc.org.