Working Together for a Vibrant a Vital Downtown Northfield, MN

FunWithPublicArtDowntown is where the community gathers to celebrate, honor, share, protest, and people-watch, and to nurture the plants, dance to the music, and chat with old, and new, friends.

Downtown is also the historic business district, home of 72% of Northfield’s businesses, location of many of our notable business start-ups, and a powerful asset that attracts new businesses.

We bring people together in downtown.

We bring people together for downtown.

We use downtown to increase economic leverage from our amenities and assets for the benefit of the entire Northfield region.

We work together to advocate for private and public investment in the downtown.

We promote downtown to Northfield, to the best of our abilities, through a variety of media and a range of partners, to all neighborhoods and to all people.

We promote Northfield’s amenities and assets to visitors, and potential residents and businesses, in markets that we believe will most recognize their value.

We reach out to a wide variety of stakeholders for input on opportunities and challenges in the community’s physical infrastructure design.

We work to achieve implementation of projects that address the many elements of place and many forms of transportation and add lasting value to the community.

We seek input and partnership from a wide variety of economic stakeholders to develop a broad and comprehensive perspective of the local economy.

While recognizing that there may be obstacles, we focus on opportunities, working for incremental additional investment in one of Northfield’s most strongly performing assets.

And we keep working, year after year, because we also remember,

Great downtowns don’t just happen.