A Vision for Downtown: Workgroup prospectus

The Vision for Downtown workgroup will have the primary task:

To create a conceptual plan for what Downtown Northfield will look like five to ten years in the future, including aesthetic elements, commercial functions, and cultural activities, balancing outside-the-box thinking with practical achievability.

This plan, workgroup, and process will provide a comprehensive vision of Downtown that developers and civic groups can refer to and buy into when proposing new projects.

This workgroup will use the following documents as a foundation for their work:

  • “Comprehensive Economic Development Plan”, City of Northfield, 2006
  • “Framework Planning in Northfield”, Northfield Roundtable, 2014
  • “Working Plan for Downtown Northfield”, City of Northfield, 2004
  • “Downtown Northfield Streetscape Framework Plan”, City of Northfield, 2006
  • “Downtown Preservation Design Guidelines”, Northfield Heritage Preservation Commission, 2004
  • “ArtsPlan06”, NDDC, 2006
  • other documents and resources as useful

This workgroup will meet at least monthly for up to a year, with the final product to be a report providing some level of vision for the future of Downtown, as well as explanations of what additional work or resources are needed.

If you’re interested in joining the Vision for Downtown Workgroup, please fill out this form:

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