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Downtown Mobility Survey

How do you get in and around downtown?

All community members are invited to give feedback about how they travel to and around downtown by March 31. The City of Northfield is conducting a survey to learn more about how and why Northfield residents, businesses and property owners travel to and from downtown and when and where they go and park. The goal is to identify issues or concerns people have traveling to, from and around downtown Northfield and/or parking while spending time downtown.

The feedback will be shared and incorporated into the multiple private and public development projects likely happening in the next few years around the Riverfront and Downtown corridor.

“As we work across the community to evolve our beloved downtown, we have the opportunity to greatly improve mobility and design more effective ways to get to and get around downtown—from walking, biking, driving, and parking,” said Mayor Rhonda Pownell. “I’m eager to see how we can reimagine what’s possible based on what we learn from this survey and the overall mobility study.”

Complete the survey at

For questions, please contact Jake Reilly.

¿Cómo viaja hacia, desde y alrededor del centro?

Todos los miembros de la comunidad están invitados a dar su opinión sobre cómo viajan hacia y alrededor del centro de la ciudad antes del 31 de marzo. La ciudad de Northfield está llevando a cabo una encuesta para saber más sobre cómo y por qué los habitantes de Northfield, las empresas y los propietarios viajan hacia y desde el centro de la ciudad y cuándo y dónde van y aparcan. El objetivo es identificar los problemas o preocupaciones que tienen las personas que viajan hacia, desde y alrededor del centro de Northfield y/o el estacionamiento mientras pasan tiempo en el centro.

Los resultados se compartirán y se incorporarán a los múltiples proyectos de desarrollo públicos y privados que probablemente se lleven a cabo en los próximos años en torno al corredor ribereño y el centro de la ciudad.

“Mientras trabajamos con toda la comunidad para hacer evolucionar nuestro querido centro de la ciudad, tenemos la oportunidad de mejorar enormemente la movilidad y diseñar formas más eficaces de llegar al centro y desplazarse por él, ya sea a pie, en bicicleta, en coche o estacionamiento”, declaró la alcaldesa Rhonda Pownell. “Estoy ansiosa por ver cómo podemos reimaginar lo que es posible basándonos en lo que aprendamos de esta encuesta y del estudio general de movilidad”.

Rellene la encuesta en

Para preguntas, contacto Jake Reilly.

Non-Motorized Transportation Moves Forward…Downtown

Bill Steve Ross.jpgI was walking across Bridge Square on my way to the post office the other afternoon when I heard someone calling out my name.

It was Bruce Anderson (the photographer for this picture), along with Bill Ostrem, and some guy in a bike suit signed by Lance Armstrong (no kidding).

The mystery guy was Steve Rusk. He is the chair of Edina’s Non-Motorized Transportation Task Force (or whatever they call it up there). Steve was in town to meet with the Northfield group to discuss lessons they’ve learned in that community to our northwest. Edina also has an authentic downtown surrounded by historic residential neighborhoods, so I’m sure they’ve had some experiences worth considering.

Bill told me that he’s going to blog about it as soon as he and Neil Lutsky get back from the gathering of state bicycle leaders.

Carleton College, City of Northfield, NDDC and RENew Work Together to Bring Satellite Broadcast to Northfield

The three groups that made a commitment to work together for greater bike and pedestrian safety in Northfield have enlisted the assistance of Carleton College to bring a satellite broadcast of a teleconference to Northfield. The discussion will focus on new ideas and resources for increasing bike and pedestrian safety in communities. The teleconference will be held in the second floor conference room of the Language and Dining Center (gosh, I love that combination, perhaps they could add stringed instruments too) on the Carleton Campus from 1 to 4 pm today. For more information, see below:
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Help Create a Bicycle Safe Northfield,

Bring Your Bike Downtown!

On Saturday, May 6th, at 10 am, as part of Sping Fling, the NDDC is sponsoring an event to promote bicycle friendliness. Bring your bike downtown, be entered in a drawing for prizes and enjoy bicycling around our wonderful downtown community. It all takes place in the “Old Jacobsen Parking Lot” near Mike’s Bikes, Present Perfect and Hogan Brothers.

So gather up the whole household and…

…Bring Your Bike(s) Downtown.

It’s 7 am, do you know where your Bike Rack is?

At this month’s Forum, there was much discussion about making Northfield more bike-friendly. With me present, of course there was some discussion of downtown’s need for more bike racks.

On the recent edition of Locally Grown, I announced that I had conducted a survey of the locations of bike racks downtown. Several people have asked me for that list.

Although the NDDC has initiated the creation of a map and directory of these locations, I thought that I could at least post my list for now. If I’ve missed any, please let me know. Working together, we’ll accomplish much more.
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