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The Art of Fashion

Like most subjects worth discussing, there is an on-going debate over whether or not fashionable clothing and accessories are truly art.  I’m not expert, but I’ll say that designers have a vision, they work to realize that vision in a tangible product, and the resulting piece stimulates responses in the viewers and/or users.

But, who cares?  Just come on down(town) to the Boutique Crawl.  It’s this Saturday, August 18th, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Downtown Northfield.  You can make your own decisions on whether or not fashion is art. Continue reading The Art of Fashion

Be Local…Dine Local!

As some of you know, the NDDC has been doing the “Be Local” ads for several years.  This year, we’re partnering with the Chamber in what is loosely called the “Be Local…Buy Local” campaign.

This month, our message is “Be Local…Dine Local”.  NDDC Board Member Anastasia Balfany designed the image for the Northfield Entertainment Guide ad.  It’s a plate that’s ready for your order…in downtown Northfield. Continue reading Be Local…Dine Local!

Guide to Parking in Downtown Northfield

The NDDC recently sent out an updated version of its popular Parking Guide. This handy guide, along with an informational letter, went out to over two hundred downtown building and business owners in downtown Northfield.

The letter had one direct message: let’s reserve the best parking for our customers! We asked business owners and their employees to park in the all-day parking zones and leave the short-term parking spaces for our customers. Continue reading Guide to Parking in Downtown Northfield

The Best of Northfield? Downtown!

Perhaps that’s a bit of a sweeping statement.  However, downtown did do quite well in the recent Northfield Entertainment Guide‘s “Northfield’s Best of 2009“.

Downtown Northfield was the winner of two categories, “Best Visitor Attraction” and “Best Place for People Watching”.  The NDDC’s “Be Local” promotion was also tied for second in the category of “Best Advertising Campaign”. Continue reading The Best of Northfield? Downtown!